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Friday, September 21, 2012

Blog Changes

I'm sure you've noticed my lack of postings in the past few weeks. My energy hasn't been there for it, and thus I've taken a break and given some thought as to how I'll proceed with it from here. I hate to let this blog go, as it's been around in some form for almost five years. But there is a time and place for everything and as my interests and needs change, so too will my public forum for them.

For the record, I know I'm going about this whole blogging thing ALL wrong.  Blogs should have a specific focus or cohesive theme in order to be successful. So say all the pundits, anyway. Well guess what I say to that? 

Me, to that:  TTTHHHHPPPPTTT   

I've been taking pictures of people for the past several months--to the detriment of my gun pictures, frankly--and I continue to greatly enjoy doing so.  It's a natural progression, I think.  Social worker to "photographer"* to focusing a good portion of my energies on those around me.  

Some people I don't spend much time with at all.  Some, however, are willing to honor me with their stories but I tend to condense these tales for the Facebook audience for a variety of reasons. So for now the more compelling stories I hear I will flesh out over here. I won't put a number on how often I do so or the days I do so, but you'll know when it happens if you're following the people blog over there or on Tumblr. I still may throw in personal observations but it will likely be in the context of profiling other people. 

As for my next photo project? Well, I'm back to a picture a day starting October 1, 2012. I'm not going to force a subject matter this time, though. What I am going to say is I must take at least one photo a day for one year in a thoughtful, deliberate manner. Thus I will enter my third year into photography, my second year into DSLR photography, with purpose. I will post them to Flickr of course, and if I feature any of them here, it will be on Mondays.  

As always, thanks for following along. Have a great Friday!

Say you: Wait!! What about your stated goal of getting The Bloggess to notice you? 

Say me: Didn't you know? I'm a quitter.  

*I had a subject tell me where to stand for better lighting just yesterday, which was sorta humiliating.  I'm hardly an actual photographer.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Randomness

OK, first off, let's get this out of the way:

I'm not doing geography lessons anymore. That was a really stupid idea. You are quite capable of finding random places in the world and googling them to your hearts' content. 

2) I bought a bag of salt water taffy last night. Also a really, really stupid idea. I have absolutely no control when it comes to sweet, chewy goodness. In addition to taffy, I'm especially vulnerable to Brach's peppermint nougats, Mary Janes, Starbursts and Tootsie Rolls. Brach's also used to make the absolute best peanut butter taffy I've ever tasted and they only released it during Halloween season.  I'm pretty sure they discontinued it though, because I haven't seen the product on the shelves in years. Which is both a tragedy and a relief. 

3) I got in the cell phone photo show again! Opening is tonight and my photo was part of the press packet. Wheee!    

4) The OKC Thunder is in the finals for the NBA championship title and I went to nerve center last night for photos:

This is part where I pimp my arty photo 

You can find the majority of them here, others I took are in queue and I'll upload them in the days and weeks to come. My favorite is this one--I think from a technical standpoint it's the best by far. 

I'm bummed beyond belief that I never encountered the storm trooper. He's pretty much the only reason I went out there. Word on the street is he gets hot and heads inside the venue in short order. And to that I say TTTHHHPPPTTT. Dude, if you're going to put yourself out there like that, make a name for yourself with this schtick you've got going, you have an obligation to the public to make yourself seen. Outside. In the 90 degree heat. And 78% humidity. Where the little people with cameras, obscure blogs and no tickets hang out.  

I suppose I saw some interesting people. Out of all the stuff I saw last night though, what impressed me the most was that Al Jazeera Sport was there: 

Get. Out. 

I wouldn't think that other people in the world cared about American basketball--I sure don't--but apparently I'm way off base. I chatted with the cameraman for a minute or two:

HIM: Are you from here?

ME: I am. 

HIM: So you're a fan yes? 

ME: Honestly, I've never seen a game. 

HIM: So you're a big fan.  

ME: I am, yes.  -> 

Friday, June 1, 2012


I took a picture of a homeless man several weeks ago and posted it on my people blog. But I got video of him too as he used to break dance on the streets of Atlanta.  I've been carrying around said video on my phone ever since and I'm now sharing it with you, namely because it cost me a pack of cigarettes. But really? The world needs to see this: (8 seconds)  


Now, I ask you, can YOU do that? 

Say you: Why did it cost you a pack of cigarettes?  

Say me: For the 8 second demonstration there was a $3 charge.  Turns out I didn't have cash, so we bartered and I bought him the smokes instead. Yes, I've done the math. At $3 for 8 seconds of work, he's charging high-powered attorney rates of $1350/hr. To be fair, though, I bet he doesn't actually make that.   

City of the week: Puerto Montt, Chile. 

Population: Approximately 176,000. 

Fun fact: For about 10 years, it was the world's second largest producer of farmed salmon. But the economy fell on hard times when the fish started getting sick. 

Song of the week: 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sacrifices for my Art

We have established that I'm a menace to society, right? What with me having the nerve to take pictures and stuff--I've even managed to get myself kicked out of a mall! I really should be wearing a monitoring bracelet.

Say you: You got kicked out of a mall??

Say me: I did, yeah. To be fair I had completely abused the security guard's trust as he had told me I couldn't take pictures not 10 minutes before. But in my defense, that mall is dead. And I HAD to get the picture. You can read about it here.  

I was recently meandering about a place in the city that is technically off limits. They're tearing down an old section of a highway--I guess the city is concerned about falling beams and whatnot. But from my highly untrained eye the whole thing looks perfectly sound right now and there's really cool stuff to capture, so I took it upon myself to step over that orange DANGER-DO-NOT-ENTER construction fence that was only about a foot high anyway--so really it's more of an invitation than a barrier--and walk right under there. 

I became emboldened when I noticed two construction guys walking up the on-ramp, glance my way and not say anything. 

Until they were on the way down. 



Here it comes, I thought. It's been a fun ten minutes but they're kicking me out. I suppose there are dangling bits of concrete all up under here:  

They are just concerned for my well-being.  They clearly didn't want me to knock my head on one of those things and bleed to death, or at the very least get a concussion. Plus these rocks on the ground aren't all that stable and to top it off, I'm wearing sandals. Obviously he doesn't want me to fall and break my leg. Oh, all right. There are homeless people living under here too.  


"You might want be on the lookout down there. I've seen quite a few snakes."  ->   

Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm Shamelessly Promoting Myself Today

Random thoughts for this holiday weekend. (For most, anyway. I'm actually working Monday night.) 

1. Would someone please explain to me why anyone on earth would wear a beanie with a beard knitted to it? 

1. Ignore that link up there. I find it highly annoying when websites make you become a member before letting you in the site. I rank it up there with websites that force you to listen to music when you stumble upon them. To this day, I don't understand the thinking behind that. If I want to listen to music, I'll find my own. I SORTA get it with a musician's website, but only a bit. Why force me to listen to your music? Just offer me options and I'll listen all by myself, thank you. 

2. Would someone please explain to me why anyone on earth would wear a beanie with a beard attached to it? Never mind. You know what? If I saw someone wearing one of these things on the street, I would stop him or her immediately and ask for a photo. Walk on, bearded-beanie-wearing free-spirit. Walk on. 

3. I just heard an NPR clip on Eurovision. It's a singing contest in continental Europe, but that's not my point. My point is that it's taking place in Azerbaijan

Never heard of it, have you?  

Me either.  

God, we're such Americans.  

Let's change that shall we? I think I'll feature a region or city every week. We all could use some education about places that are not our own, right?  I won't go into the minutia of the place, just where it's located, the population and one random fact.  


Here I go:  


Capital city of....can you guess?  

That's right. Azerbaijan.  

Population: approximately 1.1 million

Random fact: The locale for Eurovision 2012.  

Geography lessons!  This is the kind of service you can't get from The Bloggess. 

4. On The Bloggess: Ttttthhhhppppttttt. Book tour. Articles written for The Church of Oprah Magazine. Features on one of my favorite NPR shows.  Simply no time at all to devote to The Little People who make her world possible. Simply NO TIME to take one simple picture of herself with a weasel (I've even lowered my standards) for one of her supporters. Even though Wil Wheaton and Matthew Broderick posed with random objects for her. (BTW, Wil Wheaton is quickly becoming my new boyfriend. I follow him on Tumblr. I luff him.) 

I even found Beyonce a boyfriend!

And still she ignores me. 


Be. The. Stoat!! I'm not giving up. YOU HEAR THAT, JENNY LAWSON? 

5. Hey!! You can follow ME on Tumblr. too. See that radio button up top? How about that? But wait, there's more. My people blog, which is all about celebrating humanity via my shamelessly poaching an idea from one Humans of New York, has been up and running for a while. And now I'm on Facebook too.  Wheeeee!!!!   

6. That's it. I got nothing else. 

7. I lied. I'm going to be in another art show! Check it out! 

Song of the week: 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Calling All Trench Warriors!

My new people blog, People in the Trenches over on Tumblr. now has a Facebook page!  

What this means for you: 

1) If you "like" the page I will forever love you. Not in a stalky-way, but in a genuine OMG-you-are-FABULOUS-THANK-YOU kind of way. 

2) I will send you cookies. Virtually. They'll be yummy and totally calorie free. 

3) You will get pictures of groovy people like Shew who named his horse "Goober" in your news feed. I'm not kidding. He's there. We all know how snarky I am, but this project is a genuine attempt for me to be respectful of all people and to serve as a reminder that we're all connected, not so very different and just trying make it in this world. The blog Humans of New York was my inspiration. 

4)While I'm asking for favors, if one of you could come and mop my floors that would be great.  

People in the Trenches BLOG 
People in the Trenches FACEBOOK