Monday, August 30, 2010

Midwest Religion

So, yeah.  Football season is right around the corner.  And when you live in a college town as I do--a town that's inundated with tens of thousands of people six Saturdays a year to attend The Church of College Football--AND (this is crucial, I think) you could care less, I think you are able to see the logo of your entertainment center university for what it really is.  

A brand. 

A brand that in the past twenty years or so has made a lot of people a ton of money simply from merchandising that goes way beyond t-shirts and baseball hats.  When I was a kid, I certainly don't recall there being branded Zippo lighters do you (I mean, beyond the brand "Zippo")?  I'm not even talking about ticket sales and TV deals and play off games and what our sports-insane country has done to athletics at the high school level and younger. 

Say you: You cynic. College sports are fun! 

Say me:  Read Beer and Circus and then get back to me.  -> 
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dawtch said...

The folks round these parts take their football SERIOUSLY - pro, college, high school, it doesn't matter. If there are males in tight pants chasing a weirdly shaped ball, they're all about it...and basketball, and racing...
I am (by choice) sports challenged - all sports. Yet we are inundated with face-painted, jersey wearing, flag waving "fans" damn near year round...I feel your pain :S