Blogs I Like

Social Worky Type Blogs: 

You can go here for a comprehensive listing of all the social work blogs out there, but these are a few of my favorites from the givers and receivers:

Antisocial Social Worker 
Everyone Needs Therapy
Going Mental 
Homeless Guy, The
Luckiest (Unlucky Girl), The
Madrigal Maniac, The  
On the Clock with Eric Shephard
Postcards from Insanity
Social Jerk 
Sunshine Girl on a Rainy Day

Friends and Family Entrenched: 

Adventures of Screaming Phoenix
And Then What Happened?
Anything is Possible When You Work for the Circus 
Carnivore Emporium
Frankie Goes to Home Depot
Halfway Hip
Refresh Leadership
Still Life with Yarn
What Powderfinger Said 

Cool Art and Photography sites: 

Art and Art Deadlines
Expedition Oklahoma 
Lunch Bag Art
Romy Owens
Ruth Borum-Loveland
The Smallest Forest 
Tiny Art Director, The
Wander Monster


The Concentration of Wealth Gallery 
Fit Together
Manifesto Joe's Texas Blues 
My Open Wallet


shelly losee said...

Just read the "about me" and love it! So creative and fun!

How did you get the buttons/tags at the top of your blog. I really need those for my blog and tried to put some in with HTML -what a mess, and now I can't take them done. Do share- if you have time.

Love your blog!

Tanya said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Go to your overview page. To your right you will see "pages". Click on that as this is what you need to build for general info. Then there's a button that says "show pages as" and you have a drop down menu. Choose "top tabs" to get them up top. That's it. Good luck and again, thanks for reading.