Thursday, September 23, 2010

$5 wings

And so it begins: The inevitable posts that will accompany the fast-approaching USA holiday season.  The Mart of Darkness pretty much has their special Halloween section complete.  You can get the whole fairy get-up seen here for $15--five bucks each for the wings, matching skirt, and matching accessories (not shown).   More money could potentially be spent with the need to acquire coordinated shoes, tights, and top. 

I'm quite sure the pink section will be sold out in a week.  I, for one, would be inclined to encourage Little Missy to mix-n-match: orange wings, purple skirt, green accessories. (All the cool fairies sport non-matching gear.) If I bought Halloween costumes, that is.  I'm kind of a snob about them.  The homemade ones have so much more character and tend to be cheaper thanks to the magic of thrift stores.  Sometimes, though, the siren call of wings and sparkles and frills is just too much to override. Especially if your little fairy-to-be happens to lay eyes upon these ready-to-wear ensembles.  Then it's all over for some parents or well-meaning grandparents.

But to be fair, the mass-produced costumes now ride circles around the ones of yore.  Do you remember those awful polyester numbers that came accompanied with those heinous, HOT plastic masks that looked like, well, badly molded, childishly colored plastic?  I wish I could find some pictures of the actual costumes from back then... 

By the way, how do you spell "fairy"?  Faerie?  Faery?  Wee folk? ->


Carolyn said...

Let us not forget the well-meaning aunt/uncles of the world :-) And given that our local big box chain thrift store (did you ever think such a thing would happen) regularly gives over large portions of their sales space to pre-made halloween costumes and accessories (note to self, start looking for your vampire cape) it is a bit of a minefield for well-meaning mums to take their children their for bits of the home-made costume.

tuesday@11 said...

When I first saw the title $5 wings I thought chicken wings! I was all ready to move to Ok. where you can get $5 chicken wings. Guess, I will run down to that big block store and get me a fairy/faerie/faery/weefolk costume and fly around the world in search of $5 chicken wings.

Aynatt said...

@Tuesday: Heehee. There was a reason for my wording with the title. Have fun wing shopping.

@Carolyn: I should have said ANY well-meaning adults, huh? Elder siblings are hardly immune either.