Monday, September 6, 2010


Say you: This is a terrible picture.  
Say me: There's a story.   
So.  I'm in a convenience store getting my 32 oz fizzy for the afternoon and I notice the "food" on display in the rolling heating elements right next to the drink dispenser.  I'm sure you've all seen them.  I've never been tempted to eat said "food",  but the lines and texture struck me as interesting.   I paid for my drink and then started snapping pics.

A couple of minutes later the register girl approached me and asked if she could help me with anything else.  I tell her no that I was fine and she replied: 
Girl: Well, you're not supposed to be taking pictures in here.  
Me: What?  Why not? 
Somewhat Smug Girl: Because you might be able to profit off of them in some way.  
Me: Are you serious?  
Quite Smug Girl: Yes.  You're not allowed to take pictures in any convenience store.  Just like you're not allowed to take pictures in a museum.  
Are you getting this?  

Leaving aside the absurd notion that my taking a picture of some mechanized gizmo that can be seen the world over can somehow net me buckets of money--which is a rant for another entry entirely, she just compared my taking a candid shot of a ninety-nine cent Oscar Mayer pseudo-food product to me illicitly documenting impressionism at MoMA.   

So, I'm sticking it to the man.  She didn't tell me I couldn't post my pics online.  -> 


tHG said...

That little twit is so full of shit.

And unless it says otherwise, as some collections do, you can take pics at museum too - just don't use the flash.

That said, like the pic. Although convenience store food scares me, even the pastries in the case. Read a news article about a malcontent grating his dehydrated feces and sprinkling it surreptitiously on the doughnuts. He eventually was caught in the act.

Aynatt said...

Ewwww! Who does that?

Baysage said...

Just some pathetic little nobody in cha'ge of something. She commands, while present therein, a convenience store! Whoopee! And don't you forget it!

You will never guess what my word verification word is:


Cue the Twilight Zone music.

Aynatt said...

@Baysage: Hee hee. Excellent.

Carolyn said...

And besides, the reason you can't take pictures in a museum (with a flash) is so you won't kill the stuff. Not so you can't profit on it!