Saturday, September 25, 2010

Real 3D

This picture is not great and I fully admit that, but I simply couldn't resist snapping a shot of the actual movie screen.  We saw that flick about the owls.  It wasn't a bad story and the visuals were simply stunning.  

3D movies irritate me, though.  Those glasses give me a headache and it was over $30 for three of us to see a matinee, for crying out loud.  The good news is we saw it at the movie theatre that's fallen out of favor in recent months since the newer, fancier (read: pricier) one opened up 4 miles up the road.  Therefore we practically had the place to ourselves and parking was a snap. ->

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Carolyn (From C*n*d*) said...

Only thirty dollars? With 3D glasses, you'd be lucky to get two into the theatres here and that's without popcorn, etc.