Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tailgate Fallout *

Game time: T-minus 60 minutes.  This is one trashcan in one parking lot of the university.  I was wondering as I was uploading this how many trashcans are on the property.  My guess is 250.  (Surely I can dig and get a real number?) They're all overflowing on game days, as you can well imagine.    

As you can see, almost all of this stuff can be recycled.  The university does have recycling receptacles close to the stadium, but I haven't seen any in the parking lots around campus, which is where all the tailgating happens.   ->  

*I had a couple of other shots that I tossed today...I'm still not sure this is the right one.  It tells a story, though, which is what made it the winner. 

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