Monday, October 25, 2010


There are some things in life with which there is no compromise. You get the trusted brand or you suffer the consequences of your cheap economical decision.  Seen here is a prime example.  Sharpies are the best permanent markers out there and don't even try to sell me on another brand because you're just wasting your touch-type skills. Plus, they have all these new products which simply make me swoon. I almost, but not quite, have the same affliction with Sharpies that I do with wrapping paper.  

On another note, the Tim Holtz scissors are pretty bad-ass, although certainly not required.  I now own two pair and guard them with my life.  I used to get really irritated when my dad would go postal upon discovering I'd pilfered borrowed some prized office gizmo from his study when I was a kid.  (God. It's a PEN.  Get OVER it.) 

Now I get it.  -> 

PS: Yes, I save and use old credit cards for all kinds of art projects.  


Nectarine said...

I hate to devote myself to any type of brand, but you've got me with Sharpie. Sharpie has no equal.

dawtch said...

The problem with the "good" brands is that once they have the reputation in place, the price goes up and the quality goes down. And everyone keeps buying because of the a)prior positive experience and b)they are convinced the last (10) one bought, at inferior quality, was a fluke...and sadly, most everything in the same category is of shoddy's a sad state of affairs, and I see no way back out of it. Brand junkies will never consider another, regardless of how many "fluke, poor quality items" they purchase...