Friday, November 5, 2010

Canine Clothing

 Oh, the places I can go with this one.  Alas, I'm going out with friends and have no time.  Plus my father, a regular viewer, has fallen in this particular trap with The Boston Terror.  You can draw your conclusions, I'm sure, as to my thoughts on the matter.  (OK, click here.  I'll wait.  You done?  Just one word: Seriously?)  ->



Baysage said...

Love the egg!

Nectarine said...

I love the "related articles" that get tacked on at the end - 24 dog costumes for Halloween and Canine Twitterer Updates Your Dog's Status!

Tanya said...

Nectarine: It's a third party app called Zymenta. Try it out. You don't have to use the articles they suggest if you don't want and many times I don't tack them on at all. I turn off all the adds for them, which is a snap to do. I try to be clever in the ones I choose.

The Goat pictured above you turned me on to it.

Baysage said...

The old but smiling goat.