Saturday, November 20, 2010


I was at a friend's (really big) house last night for dinner and realized I hadn't taken my picture for the day.  So I told her I needed a shot, told her about the blog and why I needed the pic.  

She got excited.  
Her: OH!  I'm your girl!  I am a consumer girl!  What are you going to take a picture of?  
Me: I'm thinking the food processor.  
Her: I hate that thing.*
Me: What?  Why? 
Her: Because it doesn't shred cheese the way my grandmother's did back in the 70's.  
She then went into a long explanation: lumps of cheese that get forsaken and left behind in the gizmo that have to go through it a second or perhaps a third time to actually get shredded.  Ergo, she's forced to use expletives, probably in front of one of her children.  Not pretty.  

At this point, I tried to introduce the concept of an old fashioned hand cheese grater, but she cut me at the knees: 
Her: Tanya.  I feed 8 people every night.  Have you ever grated cheese by hand for 8 people?  
She's got me there.  

It's all relative, isn't it?  She has the cadillac of food processors.  Mine is mini--I think it holds 3 cups?--and has no capacity to shred cheese.  It has one blade, one button and cost me $30 when I bought it. 

I love it.  -> 

*This comment, naturally, sealed the deal for me. 

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