Friday, November 12, 2010

Proceed with Caution

Maggie Moos is serious danger to the waistline. Serious. Danger. to the waistline.  And their sneaky strategy in Norman is this: I know they have a child's sized cup--which is the smallest available--but it is no longer displayed on the counter.  They keep it psuedo-hidden behind the counter,  therefore people who don't know any better are forced to size up to a "small" (which is big, and the sizes upwardly increase from that point).  

Yet another subtle way The Man gets us to spend (and therefore eat) more.  

That being said, this ice cream is over-the-top good.  I go there only on rare occasions as the calorie content of a child-sized cup is roughly equivalent to a week's worth of food.  And every bite is worth it. -> 

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