Monday, December 27, 2010


The flash/film combo on this makes his hands look waxy, don't you think? Odd. 
That game my brother has going on his phone is with me.  I was winning at the time.  As an aside, he was watching me type and back-seat blogging.  Things like "exquisite hands" got thrown out.  I ignored all suggestions. 

(hello, my name is Ben and I am the aforementioned sibling. For the record my digits are dazzling and proportional.  Additionally, on the palms are callouses from moving heavy objects and scars from physical altercations -- I am a man.)

Tanya: He seems to forget that a) he's not the editor and b) he doesn't know my password.  Therefore there's no guarantee that anything he writes will be here the next day.  He's cute to think he's got kind of control though, isn't he?   

Ben's Rebuttal: Hi again :) These digits will now scribe a response with an important caveat that it is being typed on MY laptop.  

Tanya: Whatever.  MY blog. ->

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