Wednesday, December 29, 2010


For their last day, I offered to drive my brothers to SW Oklahoma for what is generally known to be one of the best hamburgers in America. *

One brother, the smart one, the one who knows I'm not lying about such things, took me up on the offer.  So he had the pleasure of experiencing not only one of the best hamburgers in America, not only some of the best ice cream I've ever tasted (they make it right there), but also the whimsical, quirky nature of said restaurant.  Which looks like it's put together with some duct tape and a prayer and displays such gems as the one you see above.  

*People either love or hate this place. The floors literally slant and the one toilet they have in the ladies' room wiggles when you sit on it.  The staff is perfunctory not gushing, there's generally a wait, and they only accept cash with no ATM on the premises (a significant oversight.  Surely they would make money if they put one there, right?).  Stuff to bear in mind should you ever think about going.