Friday, December 24, 2010


Say you: This is not a Christmas photo.  I was expecting....
Say me: Listen, I act on the opportunities.  And no one can over look a convenient store with an entire outside wall that is covered in mosaic.  

Take a gander:  
click to enlarge for details
How extraordinary is that?  Two days in a row and I hit the mother-load of photogenic objects. It's a Christmas miracle!  I'm sure I won't see anything like this again until I'm on day 363, so you know I'm going to post more than one pic. 

 I took several pics of course.  But I gotta tell ya, it was bloody cold out there and the lighting was not so great with the overcast skies and hello! it's Christmas eve and I've sorta got merlot on board, so I'm only going to offer a couple of more.  ICE! 

and my handsome son, AKA "The Boy". ->

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Courtney H said...

I love this mural and the store. I haven't paid attention lately to whether the mural is finished or not. It was incomplete for years because the artist just left and never came back.