Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday traditions

I'm the designated family baker and naturally 1) everyone in the family has a different favorite cookie and 2) I'm such a people pleaser I feel compelled to make them all.  

So these are for Dad.  On tap: peppermint meringue dollops with chocolate filling for mom, plain 'ole chocolate chip for the baby brother and chocolate chocolate chip, 1/2 of which will have a caramel kiss embedded in them, for the First Born Son--also a baby brother to me. 

The brothers arrive on Christmas Day.  This week will be filled with madness because I've still got a ton of wrapping to do, shopping to finish, and my cards have yet to go out.  In fact, most of my cards have yet to be made.  

That's right.  I make my cards.  Because I'm insane.  -> 


Carolyn said...

Understanding that you have a problem is the first step :-):-)

Stu said...

I believe we're calling those sinfully delicious cookies Stootters, no?

Tanya said...

I think we are calling them as such, and they got made today. They're tucked safely in the freezer to save them