Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Happy Easter

We haven't morphed into spring already have we?  I mean, I know time flies and Christmas was over a month ago, but according to my calendar (and admittedly I'm not the most reliable source for such things) this is still January.  Right?  

Can't we at least get past Valentines Day before the Retail Powers That Be start pushing the Easter Bunny on me? I need at least one major snowstorm that sends the local TV media into an orgasmic frenzy for hours on end before I'm ready to concede my timeline to tulips.  

On a different note, thank God that stupid little tchotchke doesn't say "A Hoppy Easter". Because I might have felt compelled to accidentally bump into the shelf and send that sparkley piece of kitsch, along with all its friends, to their collective deaths.  -> 

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