Sunday, January 16, 2011


An eye sore on Main Street that's been boarded up for at least three years now.  No takers, obviously, despite the highly professional advertising they've got going on the plywood. 

This was, once upon a time, a gas station/convenience store/smoke shop.  Meaning that along with your Marlboro Reds and a tank a gas, you could buy zig zags, if that sort of smoking does anything for you.  

I smoked one clove cigarette a night for years (I quit a while ago although will indulge at Christmas) and we would buy our packs here on occasion.  The Geek pointed out to me once to notice the register readout the next time I bought them.  When I asked why, he told me just to notice, that I would find it interesting.

So I did. Sure enough, the little Asian man behind the counter charged me the correct amount for the packs, but the readout on the register said "gas".  And then I noticed it happened every time.  It didn't take us long to assume that there must of been some sort of tax evasion going on; Oklahoma taxes were over a dollar a pack at the time (Lord knows what they are now).  Not reporting those dollars can sure add up over the long haul. 


Maybe this is the reason they're closed now?  -> 

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