Monday, January 3, 2011

My New Phone!

That's right, folks. This is a genuine, Western Electric desk phone, circa 19 seventy-something.  Brass bells and everything--a sound that ranks up there with trains and dot matrix printers.  And the color is an awesome beige that is even discolored underneath the receiver.  How cool is that??  Best twenty bucks on Ebay I ever spent.  Especially because there's a sticker on the bottom that says:  

  See, it's NOT FOR SALE.  But I bought it.  It doesn't take much, really. 
There's just one tiny issue.  

It doesn't work.  

Well, let me amend that. The phone is 50% functional.  It works when you call me, I just can't call you. There's obviously a dial tone when I plug it in, but when I try to dial out the keypad doesn't register the buttons. 

I thought I was being so clever by getting the push button so I could negotiate phone trees from my office. In retrospect, I should have followed my first instinct and bought a rotary, which is what I have in the back of the house thanks to my mom.  Then I could tell the stupid animated voice on the other end that I wasn't calling from a touch tone phone.  Which I won't be doing anyway.  -> 


Still Dreaming said...

My parents have had that kind of a phone in the living room as long as I can remember. Still works too. I'll have to look on the bottom of their's now!

Tanya said...

Let me know what you find under there!