Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have to say, what you are seeing here ranks up there as one of my top pet peeves.  One gallon of milk, that comes packaged with its own handle for easy carrying, double-bagged at the grocery store because it might break through just a single. And nothing else in the bags. 

Generally I'm more aware of the baggers at the check-out.  Generally I'm armed with enough of my reusable bags to not warrant any plastic ones issued by the store for "free".  Generally I'm paying attention and will stop the double-bagging of milk, even if I'm forced to use the store-issued plastic ones for whatever reason (read: forgot my reusable bags.  Which I keep in my car.  In the front. In the driver's side door pocket for easy access.) Generally, even when I have my reusable bags, I don't take up valuable real estate in them with milk.  Because, as I said earlier, it comes with its own handle. 

Today I was off my game in all kinds of ways. I attribute this to the fact that I didn't have my first Diet Coke of the day until 3 hours after I snapped this shot, which proves unequivocally that I was mentally disabled for over 6 hours. -> 

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Baysage said...

I hate it when I leave my tote bags in the car--far too frequently, be it noted.