Monday, January 31, 2011


Granted, this pic on its own is not all that interesting and not even all that great of a shot.  But let me offer you context.  

Oklahoma has weird weather.  Like, full-on bi-polar weather.  

For example:  On Saturday January 29, 2011 (that would be two days ago) it was 71 degrees and sunny out.  It was, quite simply, a perfect, gorgeous day.  Yesterday it was 40 degrees. Today it was 40 degrees.  Right now is 27 degrees and the state is just feeling the beginnings of a major "winter event", one that has been forecasted for a few days now.   The high on Wednesday, February 2 is supposed to be 12.  That's right.  Twelve degrees fahrenheit. With wind chills cold enough to chill the wine in two minutes flat. 

Honestly you would have thought people all over town were getting ready for Thanksgiving today.  All the grocery stores were packed all day long* with the end-of-the-world types and baskets were filled to rim with provisions.  And the stores, being completely atuned to our consumption needs, were at the ready with cases of PEAK Windshield Wash and Deicer, bags of salt, window scrapers and plenty of produce. The particular store I went to, however, did not feel that celery was an essential item.  

We're currently getting hammered with sleet coupled with thunder, which always freaks me out.  We are then to get slammed with snow and wind and lots of it for 18 hours.  The forecast for today was upgraded from blizzard "watch" to blizzard "warning".  And I'm on call tonight.  Which is awesome.  Because there's nothing I like better than traveling in that kind of shit. I'm considered an "essential" employee, you see and need to make "every effort" to get to the ERs should the phone ring. You know you want my job.   

And let me just say this, having already been out in this muck because I got called out early in the evening: drivers of 18-wheelers are certifiable.  And I should know. -> 

*Say you: and you know this how? 
Say me: I plead the fifth. 

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