Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fine Point

Oh, Sharpie!  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  

1) You're permanent, so your ink doesn't run. Therefore no sloppy smudges all over what would otherwise be a pristine doodle. 
2) You come in all kinds of glorious colors.  I mean, come on!  Who doesn't have a need for tangerine ink every now and again?
3) I can use you on all sorts of locations.  Including the doorway to my kitchen where I've marked the kids' heights.  
4) You are perfect for writing on postcards.  
5) And journals.
6) Not to mention tennis shoes
7) And guitars, of course. 
8) When the kids get a hold of them and turn into budding tattoo artists concurrently under my nose and behind my back, it will last for days.  And if they happen to draw on the in-law's furniture, said in-laws have art that last a lifetime.  Or better yet, the impetus for getting NEW furniture.  See?  Everybody wins. 
9) Did I mention the pretty colors? 
10) You have all sorts of wondrous products, in all kinds of shapes and sizes and inks and tips and whatnot, so there's something for everyone.  I mean, honestly? Who wouldn't go weak at the knees for a gel (GEL!) highlighter?  
11) You have a nifty blog
12) When I accidentally get you on my clothes, it's there forever.  So you're always with me. 
13) I talked about the colors, right?  Like 80's glam!  Hello?  Banana clip yellow?  Hell. Yes.
14) When the kids forget to put the top back on you following their tattoo pursuits, you dry out in like, 4 hours.  Meaning I'm forced to go to the store and buy replacements.  Because I can't have a set of 36 colors with hot pink missing. 
15) Meaning I have lots of extras lying around.  Yay!  
Say you: Wow?  Aren't you ashamed of this post Ms. Anti-Consumer-Don't-Support-The-Man blogger?  
 Say me: No.  I'm not too proud to be a total whore for Sharpie.  The profound irony being that Sharpie doesn't even know who I am and is not giving me one red penny for this free advertising, so really I'm just a Sharpie slut. 
My mom's so proud.  -> 


Darci said...

They come off much easier than Highlighters though, those suckers last for MONTHS on skin. And dogs.

Super Earthling said...

Saw this link on your Sharpies Pinterest board. :) I LOVE my Sharpies and never go anywhere without them.

I'm like a cat lady...but with Sharpies instead. LOL

Tanya said...

I really need to find more pins for that board. =)