Friday, February 18, 2011

Tables and Musings

This was lying by the side of a desolate road (read: the road to my job).  

Here's a better view to put it in perspective:  

It was made in Viet Nam, so I can't add the label "cheap crap made in China".  

Hmmm....I wonder what that second picture, taken with the regular iPhone camera, would look like in black and white or sepia?  

Nice.  I'm going to start playing around with this editor some more.  I still think I like the hard, sharper contrast the Hipstamatic app offered in the top photo, though.  

OK, one more--another Hipstamatic shot: 

I like the sort-of color look on this one, but The Geek preferred the one up top, so I bowed to his camera-educated judgment.  

On another note, all my feet-dragging about using a real camera (it would compromise the artistic integrity of the project, I said to myself.  I wanted the ironic juxtaposition of a photo project about consumerism represented by iPhone pictures!  Or maybe I just didn't want to take a photography class?)  ...

at any rate, all the Hipstamatic pics I've taken to this point are low resolution. Meaning I'm not sure I can get nice looking prints of *any* of those I've taken up until today, when I discovered I could change the resolution quality on the Hipstamatic app.  

Bah.  I feel like I've wasted six months, because yesterday was the half-way point for me.  ->

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