Sunday, February 27, 2011


So when a friend sends you a text message to tell you that the Oscar Mayer wienermobile* is at a grocery store not 3 miles from your house, what other choice do you have but to run--and I do mean run--to your car and get over there right now

Check it out:  

How cool is that?  

And look!  The license tag is even better:  


When The Boy and I poked our heads inside, The Oscar Mayer whores reps told us that they hid some post cards around Oscar Mayer products in the store.  If we found one we could win a prize!  


Don't you know that I sent him in to find one while I snapped pictures?  And don't you know that when he came back empty handed a few minutes later, I, like a 6-year-old bribed with sugar to give a lotion-embellished foot rub, went straight to the processed meat section and started rummaging around the weenies hell bent on finding an easter egg so I could win some stupid little trinket? 

Damn marketers.    

Do you have any idea how many packages of weenies those stockers can load on to those shelves?  A lot.   I mean A LOT.  And it takes A LOT of time to go through all those one by one.  Yes, that's right. One. By. One. Because by God, I was going to get a weinermobile keychain if it killed me.  

And when I couldn't find one in the weenies, I went for the lunchables.  And the other, fancier lunchables.  And the bologna. And the gross bologna with "cheese" chunks. And the turkey. And the honey turkey.  And the roasted turkey. And the salami.  And the....seriously? That chicken stuff is made by Oscar Mayer too?  

Have you any clue just how many Oscar Mayer products are out there?  


Enough products to result in frost bite on three of my fingers.

But sacrificing three digits was apparently not good enough for 'ole Oscar, because I was denied a postcard. 

I guess I get one on Ebay, but where's the fun in that?

All's not lost, though, cuz I got a whistle.  

Whee!  -> 

*Oh my God.  It has its own blog.  

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Nectarine said...

That is one slick lookin' weiner-mobile. Although as a vegetarian, I have to say "ick!"