Sunday, March 13, 2011


There's this tiny, dive of a Greek restaurant by campus that is a Norman institution.  It's run by a Greek family, who's been operating the place for decades and they offer precisely four main items on the menu: pita bread, salad, fries, and gyro meat (of course they serve the tzatziki sauce). Various combinations of these items will net you a few choices for noms, but the gold standard is fries and a gyro (how do your pronounce that word, anyway?  Guy-ro? Hee-ro? Yee-ro?  Jie-ro?)  

I swear there would be rioting in the streets should that family ever sell the place and move home.  

Since I've lived close to campus for years, and since early morning campus walks regularly get shuffled in and out of my routine, I've witnessed countless times the big bag of onions waiting for them at the front door.  Today is Sunday.  They're closed on Sundays--always have been.  So do they just let the onions sit there until tomorrow?  I imagine they do.   I've always wondered who delivers them and whether this is a week's supply of onions or less or more?  I've never been privy to the actual onion delivery (that would be like catching Santa in the act) but have often wondered at what time, precisely, does it occur? 

Most of all, though, I love that the owners feel comfortable having such a system in place. ->

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