Friday, March 11, 2011


I had exactly in mind what I was going to photograph today--had the entire blog entry prepped in my head--went to a specific store for the express purpose of taking pictures--dragged a cranky 8-year-old with me to said store--took about 2 dozen pictures before I found one I could live with. Then I went to stand in line to make my purchase.  

And the dude standing in line in front of me had the nerve to be wearing Vans.  

How could I possibly not record those?  

And yes.  I did the whole surreptitious, street photographer move on him.  This was shot number 2. Ninja photo-girl, I am.  -> 

1 comment:

Baysage said...

Don't even know what Vans are. Assume they're those crappy-looking shoes.