Sunday, April 3, 2011


Medieval* Fair this weekend in my town.  The Geek and I made a point of stopping at a convenience store for some cash before we arrived, but as we were parking I thought to myself: "I'm sure there will be ATMs set up there.  We probably didn't need to stop first." 

I was right.  I saw at least 4 of them scattered about.  Amazing, really, that they can just move those things in and out.  And who, by-the-way, profits from this little cottage industry (I mean, other than your bank.  Who profits for the sole reason of you keeping your money there. Because it cost them SO MUCH to have you withdraw your own money from a machine)?  Are they franchises?   

On another note, I hesitated to use yet another ATM shot, as that seems to be my go-to theme recently, but honestly I thought this was the best of the bunch. -

*It's taken me over 4 decades, but I can now spell "medieval" correctly without having to look it up.  


Still Dreaming said...

I really, really like this photo.

Tanya said...

=) Thanks!

Carolyn said...

Shame there wasn't an ATM by a Medieval Fair sign. That would have been fun! Technical question...why are the pictures so yellow?

Tanya said...

It's the lens/film combo I've get set on my camera application. I just noticed today the yellow theme I've got going. The next picture will be different.

Carolyn said...

See, now that's why I like my phone to be a phone and my camera to be my camera. I get all confused about different settings (I can't begin to count the number of shots I've thrown away 'cuz the flash was on and I didn't want it to be or the flash was off and I didn't want it to be).