Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My dad loves these.  I've never been a fan.  I love raisins, but it's one of those treats best left on their own.  Don't get all cute and throw them in my cinnamon roll or salad or granola or muffin.  And don't you DARE defile a cookie with raisin.  It's an insult to them both.   

The only way I do raisins in conjunction with any other food (other than Raisin Bran, which doesn't count*) is if they're tossed with peanuts and (dark) chocolate M&Ms. A mix that is hand made, by the way, not bought in the store.  
Say you: Hold up!  What's the difference between eating a dark chocolate covered raisin and eating a raisin and a dark chocolate M&M at the same time?  
Say me: You're making the assumption that when this lovely mix is in front of me, I eat the raisins and M&Ms together.  I don't.  I eat the M&Ms with the peanuts.  I eat the peanuts with raisins.  But I don't mix the raisins and the M&Ms.  Ever.  It's quite the methodical process, actually. 

Raisin/M&M/Peanut Trail Mix 
(I'm a total brand snob with this mix, but you can toy around with the ratios of nut to raisin to chocolate all day) 

1 cup Sun Maid raisins 
1.5 cups Planter's sea salted peanuts 
1 cup dark chocolate M&Ms  


2 cups dark chocolate M&Ms 


3 cups dark chocolate M&Ms....

*By-the-way, you can't add raisins to Raisin Bran because the raisins you put in later are different from the raisins in the box and then it's all kinds of wrong going on in your mouth.  

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