Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not included

I'm aware this is a dreadfully boring picture, but it comes attached to a tale, so bear with me.  

My little girl's birthday was yesterday, but the family celebrated it today in the regular fashion: dinner  at home with a menu requested by the Birthday Person, presents and cake to follow. Sometimes it's just the four of us.  Sometimes grandparents come along for the ride.  
Say you: What was today's menu? 
Say me: Obviously this has nothing to do with my story, but if you must know it was baby back ribs, french fries, fresh strawberries and black berries, and birthday cake.  Flavor of cake: chocolate with disgustingly sweet vanilla butter cream icing.  Yes.  I made the cake from scratch.  And the icing.  And the bar-b-que sauce.   And the ribs. And I grew my own strawberries (Ok, not really on that last one.)

With the start of the family blog, she decided that she wanted to add her very own photos and commentary.   Fair enough.  So she requested a digital camera for her birthday.  I made no promises but decided I'd likely get her an inexpensive one. I found a reasonably priced one at Darth Mart last weekend and noticed that, unsurprisingly, it required batteries.  I bought them (rechargeable) and went home feeling flush with success that I got a nifty little camera for thirty bucks: software for uploading to various photo sites, 4 x digital zoom, video clips, flash, good resolution, and bonus!  It was pink!  

What I didn't fact what no one noticed until the camera was busted out of that stupid plastic packaging that requires a machete and the patience of Job, was that the blasted thing needed a memory card.  And there's the warning right there on the packaging.  But in my defense it was written in 6 point type  which I'm sure was not at all deliberate by the manufacturer. 

So here's my daughter wanting to take pictures with her brand new device and she's denied because there's no memory card.  

But not for long!  

Thankfully, it was Dad to the rescue as he was able to pilfer one from another gadget in the house.  See?  We reused! 
Say you: Where's the plastic from the camera now?  
Say me: It's in the recycle bin.  That stuff is #2, right?  -> 

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