Monday, April 25, 2011


The Bathroom Project, which started earlier this year, is now in full swing.  We dropped $500 on tile yesterday and we still have a long way to go.  So for the foreseeable future (read: until this baby is DONE) I will likely have construction related pictures posted.  Which is merely consumption on a larger scale.  I may or may not post finished pics of the room.  I will absolutely pat myself on the back for any and all attempts I make at reducing, reusing and recycling.  Naturally I will brag about  said attempts here. 

So far I have none.  

But I plan on it!  


On a completely unrelated noted, I've had two people ask me in the past few days if I take several pictures at once and "can" them for later use.  

The answer is that with the exception of one picture, no.  For this project, I've taken a picture every single day (a "day" for me is 12:00 am to 11:59 pm) for the past nine months, although obviously I get them posted later.  The date posted in conjunction with the picture on the blog is the date I actually took the photo.  

Getting close now...I only have until August 19th (I think).  I can't believe I'm on the downward slope of this.  A year goes by fast.  ->


Leah said...

That's the same tile that we picked for our bathroom floor! I hope you don't get white grout like we did...

I couldn't believe how hard it was to locate this type of tile and plain white subway tile here in the metro. I think we went to 5 different stores first...all of them specializing in that stone-look that's so popular now. We paid a fortune for our tile, too, from a store on Reno in the city.

Tanya said...

Black grout, Leah. We had no trouble at all. Home Depot is 5 minutes from here and they were the first place I checked, plus this was in stock the day we went to buy. We just pulled it off the shelves. It was a fairly economical way to go, too, as this stuff was on the cheaper end of the spectrum.