Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The Geek doesn't know this yet, but there's some electrical work in the "new" old bathroom that he's going to have to attend to.  I simply cannot keep the old medicine cabinet you see.  It's old. And tiny.  And there's an electrical outlet installed right next to, which means it's simply in my way and therefore  must be relocated. 

In the meantime, I'm blithely shopping for replacement cabinets.  Lowes has some perfectly serviceable ones of course.  But I've recently (read: 48 hours ago) discovered Restoration Hardware and their products simply make me drool.  Of course, so do their price tags, so I may have to find something at Lowes after all.  

Or maybe I should forgo the cabinet and just go for a big mirror.  Small room + big mirror = optical-illusion-big-room, right?  

But then there's the storage issue.  

But I am getting a new sink cabinet built with drawers and whatnot, so maybe storage won't be as much of an issue now.  

But the kids are going to be using it, and one kid is a girl and girls generate a lot of bathroom stuff so the more storage the better, right?   

But The Boy is off to college before she'll hit the age where she really generates said stuff, so maybe the mirror after all.  

But what happens if he moves back in four years after graduation?  Then I need the storage again! 

What if he flunks out and is back home in a year???  

I need wine. 

And a medicine cabinet.

Or mirror?   ->  

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