Saturday, May 14, 2011


I'm not one to throw out raving reviews of food and restaurants willy nilly.  I would like to think that I have a trained palette and discriminating tastes.  
Say you: A girl can dream. 
Say me: You digress. 
So, believe me when I tell you that pictured above is quite possibly the BEST chocolate malt I've ever had.  After running four miles today, I was completely entitled to scarfing some from The Boy.  We went here for lunch after our big finish.  Yes, he did the run too.  But seeing as he's only 16, he gets to eat 4 times the amount of calories for one day.  I, in my decrepit state however, am only allowed an extra 20.  So I only allowed myself a couple (read:  four) bites. It was heaven on a fork.  
Say you: Don't you mean "heaven on a spoon"?  
Say me: No.  I mean "heaven on a fork".  Because the malt was that thick.  Need I say more? -> 

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Baysage said...

Where does one obtain these concoctions? You're running four frigging miles?? Something has gone tilt.