Sunday, July 24, 2011

Enter Here

So.  You've heard of a Man Cave, right?  

Well, our local grocery store now has a Beer Cave.  Brand new for the 2011 football season and 2011/12 academic year!  Check it out: 

Pic o' the day
But don't be fooled by its sliding doors and enticing blinking sign.  

First of all, it's freezing in there.  Unless you're donning a winter coat and gloves, you're only good for about 90 seconds, so there's no willy-nilly browsing.  

Not that you would want to.  Because it becomes abundantly clear pretty quickly that the offerings are, dare I say, insulting:  



And when you think you've found some good beer....

Behold, the Oklahoma liquor laws spoil the party.  Because every bottle of seemingly quality malt beverages is defiled with this disclaimer: 

So.  I will continue to patron my local liquor store for real, room-temperature beer.  

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