Sunday, July 17, 2011

Green Flop

I am the first to admit that getting pedicures is a complete luxury and totally superfluous.  That being said, I love them.  But as a general rule, I always try to wear my own open-toed shoes in so I can wear them out again, for the very reason pictured above.  Those goofy, temporary foam flip-flops are worthless, and the pedicure places distribute them like candy.  As you can see oftentimes, they don't make it further than the trashcan in the shop.  I've often wondered how many pair they burn through in a single business day.  I bet it's a scary number. -> 


Still Dreaming said...

nah, they're secretly getting them out of the trash at the end of each day and reusing them. :P

Just A Passerby said...

In response to ^that^ comment: ewwwww!

Tanya said...