Thursday, August 18, 2011


Say you: What the....
Say me: It's a purse!  That used to be a license plate!  How cool is that???  

The thing weighs a ton, and sue me for saying this, but this baby is fabulous.  It belongs to my little bag buddy at work (I featured another one of her bags early on, although the shot is really not that great) and I told her I wanted to snap a picture of it before I left.  Two hours later as I was walking out, she reminded me.  

For that, she wins another entry (it was after midnight).  

And so my project is coming to a close.  I have one more picture left, and I already know the subject matter.  But since the day just turned, I've yet to take it.  

I have my new project mapped out in my head, so please stay tuned for details!  The only teaser I will give you now is that for the next year, I will be offering a photo a week instead of a photo a day. The photos will once again follow a theme.  I'm going to take a small break after tomorrow, and start up again Labor Day Weekend. 

If you want to see a mosaic of all the pictures I took this past year, you can go here.  They look pretty cool and each one is numbered, dated and links back to my entry for the picture on the blog.  I'll also be using a lot of them for this project, due in January. ->

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