Monday, September 20, 2010

Kari Out

The staff at the hospital order food in on a regular basis.  It's always good food.  And by that I mean it's always really high calorie-n-fat-n-sodium-n-sugar-laden foods that stay with you via your thighs for years yet possess aromas that are enough to drive one to misdemeanor behavior in the form of egg roll theft. 
Say you:  You didn't!
 Say me:  I didn't.  But don't think I didn't contemplate it.  The guilt stopped me. 
Say you: The guilt from stealing food that didn't belong to you and was paid for by a hard-working nurse or tech would be over-bearing, I agree.  
Say me: Please.  I would not have felt guilty about the stealing for crying out loud. I would have felt guilty about ingesting the calories. ->  

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