Tuesday, September 21, 2010


There HAS to be a website out there that documents seeing Mickey Mouse ears in the wild, right?"  she says to herself when she begins this entry.  When there is a site completely devoted to Kitlers on the tubes,  and another that shows faces in inanimate objects, that stupid rodent can't be far behind. Surely, SURELY someone was all over this concept back in 1998.  

Besides...what's more perfect for a consumer project than a picture of something that flouts Mickey Mouse, who is arguably the most annoying cartoon character ever thrust upon the American public (and later the western world)?  And don't even get me started on Disney...

But, lo!  Denied!  And I must say, I'm crushed.  Hey....wait  (light bulb going off) Perhaps this can be the start of a revolution.   You are looking, my friends, at the design prototype for the inevitable t-shirt that will be sweeping the nation once this movement grows a pair of wings.  And to think you were here when it all started.  

Say you: Some people would consider it an homage if you started such a site, you know. 
Say me: Oh, but we would would know better, wouldn't we?  It would be nothing but a site of mockery.  Because I would be at the helm and Mickey Mouse is deserving of nothing less.  

Now all I need is a catchy name. It must flow and be easy to remember.  Something like:  "I Totally Saw Mickey Mouse Ears on This Harley Davidson Baby Bike But Not Until I Actually Uploaded It To My Blog Cuz I Was Wholly Sleep Deprived When I Took This Pic Having Been Called Out Ridiculously Early This Morning."  ->


Cynthia said...

I think you're describing a specialized offshoot of Totally Looks Like.

Aynatt said...

Ok, so there is something out there...I've never heard of that site.