Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Think I Do

It's SO CUTE, right?  He's a bit reluctant about the whole marriage thing, so she's pulling him to the ceremony.  What you can't tell from the angle, but which adds that extra touch to make it all come together like a raspberry and creme confection, is the tracks his fingers are leaving in the floor.  Every bride wants this image on the top of her cake. 
The description on the box labeled this as "humorous" and "whimsical".   

Yeah....they forgot "classy".  

Although I must say this little gem inspired me to make a new tag for my entries:  Cheap Crap Made in China.  -> 


dawtch said...

Perhaps, instead of the bride dragging him, it should be her no-teeth-having, shotgun toting, redneck uncle/daddy/brother....
just sayin'

Baysage said...

Classy? Not an appellation I would bestow on this kitsch.

Aynatt said...

Yeah...I was being ironic when I said "classy".