Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wax Off

I personally think that makers of all lipsticks, lip balms, lip glosses and chap sticks should be forced by the FDA to install some kind of warning system on their products.  Said warning system, when functioning correctly, would trigger a sound akin to an air horn when there's imminent danger of the product--generally lurking in the front pocket of a pair of jeans--being inadvertently thrown into a washing and drying cycle.  

Because this warning system does not exist, however, innocent consumers do send (brand new) tubes of the afore-mentioned cosmetics through the washer and, more crucially, the dryer.  Once the mistake is discovered, it's often way too late.  One is then confronted with living in some alternate reality where the wax, etc. of their lip product lives in the top and not the bottom of its container.  

Which is just wrong.  

I suspect, upon reflection, that the lipstick makers actually design their products with maximum capacity to hide in front pockets.  Hidden cosmetics means increased laundry debacles means ruined lipsticks means frantic and devastated consumers rushing to the store to replace the beloved item (that they just bought the week before).  

I won't even get into the sheets, towels, and t-shirts that were victims of this hapless domestic tragedy. 

Which naturally need replacing as well....   ->

(PS--Seriously contemplating the camera issue.  Those fuzzy words bug me.  I took several shots and could never get it right.) 

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Anonymous said...

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