Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

My brother was in town today, so I was over at my parent's house all day.  My family was all over me when I started taking this shot: 

 "What does a pumpkin have to do with consumerism?"  they asked.  

"Kids have been buying pumpkins for years."  offered Mom. 

"What are you supposed to do, grow your own?"  opined Dad. 

 and then he followed up with: "If you want consumerism on Halloween, take a picture of costumes on shelves."

"Take a picture of candy" the brother offered. 

"Take a picture of fake pumpkins in stores" Mom suggested.  

To which I finally responded to all of them:  "Is this your blog?"    

I love this jack-o-lantern.  I love the warts on the pumpkin. I love the fact that my daughter wanted my brother "to help"--called him on the phone yesterday to ensure he would--and then sat back and let him do all the work other than drawing the face (As you can see, he added his own touches to the mouth.  He was quick to point out that he cut the teeth in such a way that should the mouth close, it would shut tight).   

I did not love that I took so much flack from the fam about posting it here, so I will explain my decision: 

It's the "have tos" that accompany holidays that end up getting us in the end. Christmas is loaded with them but Halloween has a few.  Carving jack-o-lanterns fall in this category. No matter how fun, sweet, and time-honored the tradition is and no matter how lovingly I make the purchase the bottom line remains the same: I had to buy the pumpkins.  

Don't forget that Halloween, all aspects of it, is a billion dollar industry in this country.  -> 

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Nectarine said...

I, too love the warts.

And I see your point. I'm trying to figure out how to get out of the whole valentines cards for the whole class thing myself. Even if my daughter agrees to make them instead of use the pre-fab cartoon character ones, we're still talking a trip to the craft supplies store.