Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This post is likely to be all discombobulated in tone because I am sick.  Sick. Sinus-exploding sick. Achey sick. Nose-raw sick. Popping-pills-every-six-hours sick. And I wish I could say I was popping good stuff like Lortabs or Vicodens.  Sadly, it's only ibuprofen and OTC sinus pills and I'm seriously questioning the efficacy of both at this juncture. Anyone know where I can score some opiates?  

Never mind.  The local high school is not even a mile away.  I can probably get some off some kids at lunch time. Thanks in advance to the parent with the chronic lower back pain who will be contributing to the relief of my temporary condition which allows me to work out in conjunction with my whine.  

Yes.  I worked out today.  Meaning I've officially rounded the bend.   

Oh!  And I'm on call tonight.  Which is excellent. And I'm not bitter at all.  

So I took this pic as I was uploading the other one I took, which turned out to be complete dung.  The lighting was bad and Blogger was giving me fits with uploading and I just didn't have the energy to fight the digital man.  My addled brain is telling me it's a cool shot.  It works!  We'll see how I feel in a week.  

Wait.  I'm tempting fate by saying I'll be plagued with this nonsense for a week, so let's try that again: 

We'll see how I feel on Friday.  Morning.  Early.  Like before 8.  -> 


tHG said...

Lo siento, friend. I had a killer head cold from hell over the summer. I hope yours lasts no where near as long.

Southern Social Worker said...

I like the pic. A lot.