Monday, November 15, 2010


Reason #124 why you should never let a pre-tween give you fashion advice.  Because you might end up with accessories that even Lady Gaga would question. 

Remember The Girlie Show?  And how I said I always take Little Missy on Saturdays's so she can go?  Well...behold her purchase. 


That's right.  Feathers.  For which she forked over the obscene amount of $20.  Money that she got from her Meme for (enter random reason here) and from mom for her (really late) allowance.  

Twenty dollars for five fake feathers that are roughly the length and diameter of tape worms.  Twenty dollars for feathers with colors so bright they should glow in the dark. Twenty dollars for a hair clip that is likely to get pulled in and disappear to the black hole that is her room within 14 days. 

But hey, she can CURL them (because you know an 8-year-old employs a curling iron regularly, right?) so they were totally worth it. -> 

PS: to be fair, she's worn them every day since she bought them.  


mikelynn said...

At first $20 seemed high, but not if they glow in the dark. That is pretty awesome.

Tanya said...

Foo Mikelynn, I didn't word that correctly. The feathers don't glow in the dark, but those colors are so bright they should.

Now you can go back to being appalled.