Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So.  Raise your hand if you've never fallen victim to this mindset (because I sure haven't.  Ever.  *cough*):  "I'm going on vacation and it's going to cost me hundreds (or thousands) of dollars!  I NEED new clothes before I leave.  Comfortable clothes.  Because every single item of clothing I own is ill-fitting and ill-suited for my planned excursion."  

Apparently it wasn't enough for my father to go to Spain and Ireland.  He had to go dressed as a chef.  

Which, for the record, he's not.  


Baysage said...
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Baysage said...

Hey, thanks for the link! Sadly most of the history questions I get are from kids wanting me to do their school work for them. I get a lot more, and very interesting questions on baseball.