Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sock it to Me

You know how some specific places remind you of a specific person? 

Hospital gift shops do that for me.  LONG ago, a friend of the family came to see me right after I birthed my eldest, AKA "The Boy".  And when I say "friend of the family" she was, indeed, a friend of the family.  Her son and my brother were quite tight as kids; in fact  he was an usher in my wedding because he was practically another member of the family.  She and my mother were dear friends for many years and my dad and her husband were thick as thieves.  

Anyway, she came and saw me 24 hours after TJ arrived,  bearing all kinds of gifts, and they were all from the hospital's gift shop.  When I commented on the surprises a few weeks later, I found out that she adored hospital gift shops and never failed to shop in them when she had to visit friends or family for any reason.  It was an interesting nugget about her, and I've always kept it with me. 

Time goes by.  Things change.  Her son and my brother eventually had a fallen out and haven't spoken in years.  She and her husband divorced and thus the friendship with my folks floated away as will happen in those circumstances.  And tragically, a few years ago on her way home from work she was killed in a car accident.  

I was in a hospital today--not one where I work--due to The Boy having an appointment with a specialist.  I stopped in the gift shop afterwards (to much groaning and eye-rolling from him as he's seen me in action with this project, ie, I take a lot of shots before I find one I like) and the sock monkey caught my attention. And I thought of our old friend as I always do when I see such botiques.    

The Boy liked the extreme close-up so that's what I chose.  Mr. Monkey looks a bit sinister doesn't he?  

On another note, is it me or are these monkeys in a compromising position?   -> 


Carolyn (From C*n*d*) said...

I'm a little confused. What do you have against sock puppets. I work in a Children's Hospital. Yes there is a gift shop and yes they have toys there. Everything is extremely low-priced. Part of the funding goes to the foundation (here in Canada the hospitals are not-for-profit) and is staffed by volunteers. Mothers have told me it is a god-send for patients and siblings alike. Also very handy for stressed out social workers who forgot to pick something up for a sick colleague's care parcel. And the downside would be????

Tanya said...

I have nothing against sock monkeys OR hospital gift shops, Carolyn.

It's just that these particular sock monkeys are in position, don't you think?

Tanya said...

I reworded for clarification. Seems I having to do that a lot lately...

Carolyn said...

Didn't even pick up on that Tanya. Guess my mind is WAAAAY more innocent than yours (HAHAHAHA).