Monday, November 8, 2010


The magic of Facebook.  I posted there that my Crock Pot*, age 17.5 years (it was a wedding gift) finally died.  OK, truth be told the LID died.  Because I accidentally melted it.  Which is a whole other entry.    

Moving on. 

I had grand plans of going out and buying another one today. A bigger one! One with digital readouts! And a locking lid!  And set the table! And do the dishes along with cooking my dinner! So I posted and asked for suggestions.  One friend responded that he had two and I could have one of them.  


I get an almost new appliance, a blog entry, AND get to feel all virtuous because I didn't have to actually purchase said appliance.  I'm reusing!  I'm reducing!  Yay me!  And for the record, I had The Geek drill a hole in the bottom of the old crock and it will serve has a planter come spring time.  So I'm reusing not once but twice.  

I simply love Mother Earth and it shows.   
Say you: So why did this guy have two crock pots?  
Say me: Apparently the one above didn't match his other appliances. -> 
*I didn't realize until just yesterday that "Crock Pot" is actually a brand.  I thought they were all called crock pots.  Nope.  The other versions, as indicated in the pic, are named "slow cookers".  To my dying day, though, I will call them all "crock pots".  Just like all petroleum jelly is "Vaseline". 


Carolyn (From C*n*d*) said...

And disposible facial tissues are Kleenex. Just saying...

Tanya said...

That's because all disposable facial tissues *are* Kleenex, Carolyn.

Nectarine said...

Nope, nope, nope. I refuse to call it "Kleenex".
And they're bandages, not "band-aids".