Monday, November 1, 2010

Toma Sou

Yes.  These are mine. Yes. Total novelty.  Yes.  Totally frivolous purchase. Yes.  Completely useless and probably pointless.  

I dare you to make fun of me for them.  

I got completely sucked in when I read online, somewhere, at some point in my past, that Campbell's was issuing commemorative Tomato Soup cans honoring Andy Warhol, who combined art and commerce like PB & J. Which, for the record, I've never really liked.  I like the PB.  I'm just not a huge fan of the J coupled with it.  And I don't really like PB on bread all that much.  Or spread in celery. Or on a spoon a la carte.  As previously noted, I prefer PB on (low fat) Cheez-Its. Or in baking chip form nestled in these.  

But I digress. 

At this point, I have no idea what the commemoration was even about: Andy's 75 birthday? Tomato Soup's 108 year anniversary? 60 years since Andy painted the series?  They wanted to make money off suckers like me?  Who knows?  At any rate when I saw them, I went to Ebay and started shopping.  Like, immediately.  

Which is when I realized the bait-and-switch that Campbell's et al pulled on the consumer with this marketing scheme.  Because even though they advertised the soup as $12 for 4 cans, what they failed to mention until you got in the semi-fine print was that the four cans were nicely boxed but contained only two of the four color schemes.  Meaning if you wanted an actual set of the four color schemes, you had to fork over twice as much money and thus ended up with two sets of cans. 


In the end, I contacted a friend and we split them.  But it still chaps me bum. 
Say you: You paid $3 a pop for a can of tomato soup?  
Say me: No. I paid $12 for pretty colors and mass produced Andy Warhol signatures that are worth nothing.  Duh. -> 

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