Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Me, to myself upon eying this glorious sale:  Do not look.  Walk away!  Right now! Do NOT buy.  Do not buy wrapping paper that you don't need especially when you finished all your wrapping yesterday and you don't have to think about Christmas wrapping again for at least 360 days and hello, you have a couple of tubes of wrapping paper that you haven't even opened yet because you couldn't resist them last year.  Donotbuydonotbuydonotbuy.......
Say you: You bought, didn't you?  You bought one of each pattern, I just know it. 
Say me: Ye of little faith. I listened to the voice of reason in my head and I nodded in agreement that yes, I currently own enough paper to wrap for the next decade.  So I only bought two.  And I bought absolutely NO ribbon.  So there. -> 


Stu said...

I'm not sure you're done with your wrapping.

Tanya said...

spoken like a true undomesticated man.