Thursday, December 2, 2010

Phoning Home

This is me looking awesome.  

Or, more to the point, this is me appearing as if I'm anxiously awaiting contact from the nether regions of  Hoth using the highly sophisticated technology of tin foil and telepathy. 

As I was sitting on the couches of my salon waiting for the chemicals to do their thing, I was struck that this would be an excellent photo opportunity.  Who doesn't want to see my head covered in foil? It's a golden moment (ahem) not to be lost! So I did what any reasonable person would: I assumed the position of a contortionist and held  my phone simultaneously above and behind my head while concurrently snapping pictures.  For the record, I think is a perfectly acceptable way to pass the time in a public setting. But I guess I drew attention to myself.  Because an older woman approached me from behind and asked if she could be of assistance.   

I told her "sure" knowing there was no way I would post any of the ones she took. 
Say you: Why wouldn't you post any of the ones she took?  
Say me: It's a fair question.  
Firstly, I have a pathological need to be nice all the time and didn't want to hurt her feelings.  Secondly, there's the matter of *I* didn't take the photo.  Seeing as I also have a pathological need to follow all the esoteric rules I set for myself at the onset of this project, someone else's photo, even if it's of me, just won't make the grade. 

Thirdly, frightening images occur when the camera is in the hands of the uninitiated. Observe:  

Not only does one require a pair of ski goggles to view this picture because that foil is blinding, not only does it look like those highly reflective aluminum sheets impaled my cranium and I need to be raced to the nearest emergency department, but the color of my nose suggests that I've been drinking a pint of gin every day for the past 25 years.  -> 


Frankie Goes to Home Depot said...

You look positively angelic in the top photo

tHG said...

The secret's out, put away the gin! Actually it looks like you went skiing in that third picture and forgot to use sunscreen before bleeding all over your thermal blanket. And then the rescue team found you like this, lol.

I'm kidding, but I know what you mean about having limits. I find it funny that you were pathologically too nice to tell her no.

Just A Passerby said...

You're an aluminati! :)

The good thing about your pics is that they confirm that you're definitely NOT a member of the Tin Foil Hat Society. TFHS members wouldn't be caught dead in foiled ribbons...has to be a hat, ya know...

It's cool you have esoteric rules. Does this mean you're somewhat of an esoteric nerd? I have a huge esoteric nerdiness attraction thing---when it comes to guys. Takes one to know one, I suppose...

tuesday@11 said...

I do not see the golden moment, but the silver moment-----can't miss it.