Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Say you:  It's a dog.  What on earth does a DOG have to do with consumerism? 

OK, look.  First of all, this is not just a dog.  This is a designer dog.  English bulldogs can run over a thousand bucks, which is sorta outrageous for a canine, especially when there are millions of dogs that get the ax each year. That being said, this particular one was a rescue.

But that's not why I took a picture of her. 

You know how some businesses have a shtick?  Well, Corky happens to foot the bill for Corkscrew Wine and Spirits in Norman, OK.  ANY time you go into this particular liquor store, Corky is there, just doing what bulldogs do. Which is not much. But she will pass gas that is vile enough to down a moose if you make her nervous, so tread lightly when you first meet her. 

The family who owns the store has been running it for about a decade.  Corky's predecessor, Bailey, also hung out in the store daily from open to close. He was a huge hit with the locals and even garnered an obituary in the local paper* when he passed four years ago.  That obituary led to a breeder calling the store and offering them Corky for free.  You see, she had done her time. She had given him two litters and was therefore of no more use to him.  When the store got her, she was a nervous wreck and not house trained. 

So kudos to Corkscrew for keeping the Spirit of Bailey alive (he's memorialized on one of the walls), rescuing a dog, and giving much joy to the patrons of their establishment.  I don't go there often because there's a great liquor store not even a mile from my place.  But when I do, the first thing I do is locate the dog.  I swear to you, there's never been a time when I've gone in there and a bulldog wasn't there.  It's awesome. 
Say you: How much booze did you buy from these guys to get The Corky Tale? 
Say me: Are you kidding?  I'm giving them free advertising! My vast readership will bring them buckets of cash.   ......

Ok I bought two bottles of pinot grigio and had them on the counter with my wallet out before I started chatting up the dude on duty.  He gave me the full history and offered Corky treats so she would pose for me.  

If you're ever in town, you should make a point of stopping by and rubbing her butt, because she really likes that.  -> 

*For the life of me, I couldn't find the article on their site or Google.  I wonder if their archives go back that far? I tried calling the newsroom and got routed to voice mail.  Yeah.  I'm that anal.  

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