Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Call Fowl

I hit the mother load of antique stores today in Guthrie, Oklahoma secondary to my mom being Ms. Tour Guide with a visiting aunt.  Which is dangerous, because antique stores are potential emotional and financial black holes for me. Within five minutes of being in the place, I found two pieces of furniture that would have set me back almost a grand.  I felt lucky that I got out of there today for less than $30.

But let's get the issue at hand.  Our little friend up there.  Who, by the way, you can get for the bargain basement price of $350.  That's right.  Three HUNDRED and fifty dollars.  Because he's a rare...

...wait a sec, I wrote this down lest I forget...

(consulting notes)

...a RARE! California Brayton Laguana.  

Which means absolutely nothing to me.  You could make this statement in Swahili and it would probably make more sense.  

Look, I'll show you: 

Ni nadra! California Brayton Laguna.

(Huh. That really didn't have the punch I was hoping for.) 

At any rate, he's available if you want him.  And he's in good shape, although it would appear he's going to be constantly cock-a-doo-da-doodling at you and is this the kind of permanent companion you want in your kitchen or dining room or guest room or wherever.  

Well, I guess if he's the guest room it's a none issue.  ->  

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