Thursday, January 6, 2011


Sometimes there's just no compromise in the kitchen and the brand-name on food is a must.  Spaghetti sauce?  Throw in the store brand can of diced tomatoes.  Chocolate/chocolate chip cookies* with peanut butter chips? Only Reeses will do. ->

On another note, RIP Gerry Rafferty.  I know this is a bit belated and I know he only had a few songs worthy of our listening time.  But Baker Street is, hands down, one of the best songs that high-rotation radio ever gave us.  The Foo Fighter's tried to cover it.  And God knows I love them, but they failed.  

Like baking chocolate/chocolate chip cookies, sometimes only the original will do.

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*At the time I wrote this, there was obviously a side thought going on.  Then I forgot to put it in.  And seeing as I'm making this correction a few days later, I'm lucky to have remember to put my pants on this morning, never mind remember what was flitting about my head last week. 

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